Furnace Repairs

furnace repairs monroe gaIf a furnace is the main heat source of your home, it's very important that you keep it in excellent condition at all times. Any problems with your furnace can mean that your home won't be able to provide you and your family with the comfort and security that you rely on, and during the coldest parts of the year, those problems can be a safety and health concern. At Bolton Refrigeration, Inc., we know how important your furnace is to your home, and how important your heating is to you and your family, so we'll always do whatever it takes to provide you with the highest quality furnace repairs in Monroe, GA and the surrounding areas.

Our professional Monroe heating technicians have extensive experience and training working with all types and brands of furnaces, so we'll be able to diagnose and repair any problems that you encounter quickly, thoroughly, and accurately. We'll work to get your furnace back into excellent condition as soon possible, but we'll never sacrifice the quality of our work in favor of speed.

Any time you need any furnace repairs in Monroe, GA or the surrounding areas, you can always depend on our professional heating technicians for reliable work.

Common Heating Problems & Furnace Repairs in Monroe

There are a number of different things that could go wrong with a furnace at any time, but a few problems are much more common than others. Some of the most common furnace problems that you're likely to encounter include:

  • Pilot Light or Ignition Problems - If your pilot light goes out frequently, it will cause your furnace to only produce heat intermittently, or it may not produce heat at all. We can find the source of this problem and fix it promptly.
  • Dirty or Clogged Filters - If your filters are not cleaned/changed on a regular basis, you'll notice a negative effect on your Monroe home's energy efficiency. This will increase your heating costs by making it more difficult for your furnace to heat your home. You'll be paying more for less heat.
  • Thermostat Malfunctions - If your thermostat does not function properly, you will have difficulty controlling the temperature of your home. You could find yourself without any heating at all. Our professionals can repair your thermostat and make sure that you have the most control over your heating system as possible.
  • Lack of Maintenance - Furnaces are constantly under a tremendous amount of stress and pressure, so they require a lot of maintenance. We recommend that you have your furnace tuned up at least once every year to keep larger problems from developing.

Furnace Maintenance

Regular maintenance for your furnace is the best way to save money on heating repairs and furnace replacements. Regular heating tune-ups and prompt furnace repairs will help you keep your Monroe area home's furnace in the best condition possible year-round.

If you need furnace repairs in Monroe, GA or the surrounding areas, please call 770-267-5824 or complete our online request form.

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