Heating Installations

heating installation monroe gaYou and your family rely on your home and its heating system to provide you with comfort and safety throughout the winter months. When the temperatures reach their coldest points, you need to be certain that your home's heating system is running as well and as efficiently as possible. During the winter, your heater will be used very frequently, and because you'll need to almost constantly produce a great amount of heat, you need to make sure that it's always in excellent condition — and the first part of keeping your heating unit in great condition is having a high quality heating installation in Monroe.

At Bolton Refrigeration, Inc., our heating technicians have the experience and the expertise to guarantee the highest quality installations for any kind of heating unit. All of our professionals are licensed, trained, and experienced, and we'll be able to assist you with the installation of any type of heating unit including furnaces, heat pumps, and more.

We'll make sure that the installation is completed in accordance with local and federal codes and guidelines, and we guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied with the work that we provide.

Professional Heating Installation Technicians

When you hire Bolton Refrigeration, Inc. to install any kind of heating unit, we can guarantee that you'll be getting the highest quality installation and workmanship possible. We'll guarantee that your heating system will have no problems as a result of the installation, and we'll make sure that the installation we provide you with helps to increase your Monroe home's energy efficiency.

We'll complete the installation s quickly as possible, but we'll never consider the job done until you're completely satisfied with our work.

Why Hire a Professional for a Heating Installation

Some homeowners do attempt to install heating units on their own, but the job can be very difficult, and without the proper training, experience, and tools, it can also be extremely dangerous. Heating installations in Monroe, GA require professional-grade equipment, experience, and expertise, and any mistakes made during the job can be very difficult and very expensive to repair.

The average homeowner in Monroe will always need to hire a professional for any heating installation. There are three general steps that require a qualified and experienced professional to install your new heating system:

  • Turning off the main power source. - Heating units cannot just be plugged in to an outlet in your home. They'll need to be wired into your home's main electrical system. Before any installation, the power source need to be shut down completely so the unit can be directly hooked up to the system.
  • Removal and replacement of the old unit. - Removing your home's old heating unit is not as simple as dragging it out to the curb. You'll need a professional to cut and grind several metal parts of your heating system, which requires specialized tools and skills. The installation of the new unit will also need to be done perfectly, or it may not function well at all.
  • Modifying your ducts. - Your Monroe home's duct system will need to be replaced or modified for some heating system installations. If that's the case, our professionals will recognize the problem and make any necessary adjustment.

If you need a professional for heating installation in Monroe, GA or the surrounding areas, please call 770-267-5824 or complete our online request form.

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