Heating Services

Our team of professional heating technicians here at Bolton Refrigeration, Inc. are known for providing top quality heating services in Monroe, GA and the surrounding areas for both residential and commercial properties. From furnace replacements to routine preventative maintenance for heat pumps, you can rest assured your heating system is in good hands with our team of experts.

Our heating technicians are licensed, certified and trained to keep your home or business comfortable and safe during chilly winter months. We understand that in this part of Georgia, going without heat is not an option in the winter. That's why our emergency heating services team is only a phone call away. Choose Bolton Refrigeration, Inc. for your heating repair, installation and maintenance service needs, and get the quality service you deserve.

Heating Repairs

heating repairs monroe gaAll of our heating technicians are experienced professionals who will be able to take care of any repairs that you need for your heating system. No matter how small or large the job is, you can always rely on our professionals for thorough and accurate heating repairs. We know what a critical part of your home your heating system is, so we'll work hard to keep it as effective and efficient as possible.

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Heating Installation

heating installation monroe gaAt Bolton Refrigeration, Inc., our Monroe heating technicians have the experience and the expertise to guarantee the highest quality installations for any kind of heating unit. All of our professionals are licensed, trained, and experienced, and we'll be able to assist you with the installation of any type of heating unit including furnaces, heat pumps, and more. Give us a call today to learn more about the new equipment we have in stock.

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Heating Tune-Ups

heating tune up monroe gaWe encourage regular heating maintenance, too, which helps prevent costly heating repairs and unexpected equipment failure. In addition, well-maintained furnaces lower heating costs, which account for a significant portion or your home's energy expenses. Let us help you improve your property's heating system with routine heating tune-ups.

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Furnace Repairs

furnace repairs monroe gaAny time you need any repairs for your furnace, you can always depend on our professional HVAC technicians for reliable work. We provide furnace repairs and maintenance services for all brands. So regardless of the make, model or type of furnace you have, you can count on our heating technicians for dependable furnace repairs.

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Furnace Replacement

furnace replacement monroe gaNo matter what type or brand of furnace you use in your home, you can rely on our professionals to take care of the replacement. We'll be able to guarantee that you receive the highest quality workmanship possible no matter what the job entails, and we'll ensure that you're totally satisfied with every aspect of the job.

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Heat Pump Repairs

heat pump repairs monroe gaAny problems that develop with your heat pump should be repaired as soon as possible. However, it's often very difficult for homeowners to recognize these problems when they're in their earliest stages of development, especially if they use another heating system, which is often the case. Our Monroe heating technicians can inspect your heat pump to find and resolve any issues that might be developing with it. We'll ensure that it performs optimally and keeps your heating and cooling system as energy efficient as possible.

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Commercial Heating

commercial heating monroe gaWhether you need maintenance, repairs, a replacement, or an installation for a new construction, you can count on our commercial heating technicians to be on the job on time and ready to provide you with quality work your business can trust. Our heating technicians have extensive training and experience, and we are certified to meet the needs of all types of commercial properties.

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If you need heating services in Monroe, GA or the surrounding areas, please call 770-267-5824 or complete our online request form.

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