Heating Services That Prevent Breakdowns

air conditioning repairs monroe gaThere are ways you can prevent problems and breakdowns with your heating system. Heating services are designed to prevent problems and keep your furnace working all season. With preventative heating services, you are keeping the system in the shape it should stay in instead of waiting for a problem.

If you take a look at any furnace or HVAC owner's manual, it will tell you to be sure you maintain and tune-up your equipment. Since it's an investment, it only makes sense to follow this good advice from the manufacturer.

With preventative heating services from Bolton Refrigeration, you enjoy:

  • More energy efficiency
  • Reliable heating
  • Longer-lasting equipment
  • A more comfortably heated home
  • Fewer repairs
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Cleaner ducts


The Seasonal Heating Tune-Up, The #1 Preventative Service

When you hear of a tune-up, you may be thinking of a technician who comes in and eye-balls your heater and says it's fine. However, the heating tune-up is an extensive, planned series of tests and adjustments that are performed for various parts of the heating and cooling system.

Depending on your particular heating system, there will be certain areas tested, cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted. When you hear "inspected", this is all a part of the inspection.

The seasonal heating tune-up is important to prepare your heater just before you need to use it. If the heater is turned on dirty and possibly with weakened parts about to fail, it will likely break down. This is the busiest time of year for HVAC technicians because homeowners skipped the tune-up.

A heating tune-up is reasonably priced, probably a lot less than you would think. As a preventative measure, it's an invaluable service.

Commercial Heating Maintenance Agreements

If you have a commercial business, it's a good idea to ensure your heating system stays functioning and reliable so your business operations do too. With maintenance, you also enjoy the most energy savings possible from the equipment.

A regular maintenance plan offers you benefits other than keeping the equipment working well. For instance, you can get pre-determined flat rates for the service. You also have choices in how often the maintenance is performed, possible priority service, and possibly discounts on other services depending on the company offering the plan.

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